Space maintainers do exactly what their name implies—they maintain spaces in the mouth so that permanent teeth can erupt properly. When primary teeth are lost prematurely, they are used to keep enough room open for the permanent teeth. Without a space maintainer, primary teeth that are missing may cause permanent teeth to erupt improperly. Overcrowding and inappropriate alignment may develop from the improper eruption of permanent teeth. Since space maintainers provide sufficient space for permanent teeth to erupt properly, they encourage normal eruption of permanent teeth and avoid crowding and misalignment.

When your child need a Space Maintainer?

If your child has lost a primary tooth too soon because of early decay, injury, or extraction, they can require a space maintainer. Not all kids who lost primary teeth, nevertheless, need space maintainers. Depending on your child's age and the tooth that was lost, you can decide whether they need a space maintainer.

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