“We use Dental Vibe for pain – less shots”

What exactly is Dental Vibe?

Dental Vibe is a simple yet innovative device made to lessen the discomfort linked to dental injections.
We may now effectively say "Goodbye to Needle Pain" and make the injection shot for the nervous patient painless or even a pleasant surprise.

Does Dental Vibe really function as intended?

Dental Vibe does really function! Injections with Dental Vibe have been proven to greatly lessen the discomfort associated with local anaesthesia injections.

How does Dental Vibe help patients?

95% of patients who have had dental injections with Dental Vibe say that the technology has altered how they feel about visiting the dentist. They no longer feel anxious about getting dental treatment done because they are aware that the Dental Vibe gadget may make it a pleasant experience.
Both adult and paediatric procedures can make use of the Dental Vibe instrument. Younger people with possible dental phobia may benefit most from Dental Vibe.

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